Kid's Classes


- J

It has become a huge part of her life and your classes have given her loads of confidence and make her very very happy. For this we are truly grateful to you all.’

- C

Absolutely the best place for your kids to grow up around such a lovely talented family. Highly recommended’

- Marcella

‘Lucia said she had the best week ever [at summer camp] and said she wants to join. She hasn’t wanted to join anything before so I am thrilled that she has chosen this herself.’

- M

‘You have all given her incredible confidence and belief in herself and to see her performing with such confidence on stage is just amazing.’

- Orlagh, age 17

‘I attend 2 days a week for 4 hours and they are always the best four hours of my week… Song and Dance is my life’

- Izzy, age 13

‘I love Song and Dance because you can be whoever you want or need to be. It’s so accepting and will always be there for you. You can always have a laugh and loads of fun with everyone, regardless of their age.’

- Olivia

‘Song and Dance has given me the structure and safe environment to get out of my shell.’

- Jessica, Lauren, Aine and Heather

‘Song and Dance is our family’

- Niamh, age 12

‘One of my best memories is starring in their end of year show… all the hard work in putting myself out there paid off that day!’

- Aisling

‘She has blossomed and grown so much in confidence since joining your classes. Most importantly she is becoming more aware of her capabilities and self worth as a result of your tuition.’

- Sam Lathwood, West End Performer

‘The best group of students that I have ever taught!’

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