Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Classes start 9th January 2023!

Come along and experience one of the most popular dance crazes of all time.

Song&Dance is delighted to announce that from January 2023 you can learn Ballroom Dancing in a fun, creative and welcoming environment created by two world class teachers.

Noel and Angie O’Donoghue are Professionally qualifed Ballroom and Latin dance teachers they are also qualifed National and International Adjudicators. They have been invovled in the dance world for over fifty years, including many successful years of competitive dancing, winning National and international titles. They followed a new love of dance by training many children and adults from social to competitive winning many National and International titles and representing Ireland on the world stage. Formerly of Dance Addiction Blanchardstown Noel and Angie now operate as freelance dance teachers and continue to pass on their love of dance.

Level and experience do not matter, these incredible teachers will cater to you.  You don’t need to bring a partner or any special shoes or clothes.

Classes take place on Monday evenings:
Teens (Age 11-18): 6.45-7.45pm
Adults: 8-9pm
Ballroom Dancing Class
Adults Ballroom Dancing

Teens Class

Adult Class