After a long and happy career as one of the very first female members of the Irish Army, Janet turned her attention to early childhood education, where she has studied and worked for the last number of years. Most recently, she completed the Leadership for INClusion in the Early Years programme.

Janet is another team member who’s been part of the Song and Dance family since the very start – in fact, she’s Carol’s sister! On a week-to-week basis, Janet is usually found hanging out in Drama class with Rachel, where her unique combination of professional skills comes in very handy in nurturing, minding, managing and focussing the energy of young actors. It is often the case that after a week or two of hand-holding by Janet, even the most reluctant of Song and Dance kids is willing and able to bound in the door without a backward glance.

Having very much missed Song and Dance during the pandemic, Janet is eager to get back to spending time with the kids, helping them develop and progress (whatever that means for each individual child), and having the craic with the rest of the team again.

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