Sue has been a key member of the Song and Dance team practically since day one – however, she says she finds this hard to recall, as she was a mere five years old at the time!

Before she was roped in to S&D by her sister Carol, Sue had built up an impressive stage management CV, including a stint with the prolific R&R musical society at the Gaiety Theatre. She continued to work with schools and societies around Dublin for many years.

Sue is the one of the first points of contact for Song and Dance kids and parents at weekly classes, and she loves to have a chat with everyone and find out how their week has gone. It gives her great pride to watch the Song and Dance kids growing up over the years, and eventually moving on to live exciting lives and careers.

When it gets to Showtime, Sue comes into her own. Even though she’s got a lot of pressure on her shoulders, it’s her favourite time of year because of the buzz, the excitement and the way the S&D team, the Song and Dance kids, and all the parent helpers pull together to make magic happen.

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