The Song and Dance Choirs have been hugely successful since the formation of the first senior choir in 2013, winning choral competitions and being invited to perform regularly at events around Dublin.

Song and Dance School firmly believes joining a choir is the best form of training for young voices. Group singing is unparalleled when it comes to improving technical skills, and allows kids to get to know their own voice without the pressure of solo performance.

Our choirs put equal emphasis on technique and performance. Conductor Jimmy sets a challenging and fun repertoire for each age group – mostly contemporary music, with a bit of musical theatre, and an increasing focus on classical pieces for the more experienced age groups. We’ve even been known to do a bit of vocal percussion!

Our choirs are open to all newcomers and rehearse as follows:

Age 5-10Tuesday4.15-5pm
Age 11+Friday6.45-7.30pm

*Most choir members also take Musical Theatre*

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All weekly classes are now finished for the summer.

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