These classes gently introduce young children (Age 3-6) to the fundamental singing, dancing and drama skills that will serve them as they get older.

Our singing teacher helps them to explore their young voices and develop their musical ear in a safe, fun way.

They’ll learn dance steps from a wide variety of styles, but a portion of every class is devoted to Tap dancing, because it is excellent for developing rhythmic and footwork skills – and because young children love the noise their shoes make!

We play plenty of imagination-based drama games – and use poetry to begin work on voice and language skills.

Our team (several of whom are trained in early childhood education) put the emphasis on having fun.

All classes take place in our custom-designed, child-friendly studios.

Age 3-6Tuesday 3.15-4pm
Age 3-6Wednesday 3.15-4pm
Age 3-4Saturday 10-10.45am
Age 5-6Saturday 11-11.45am

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There is availability for new students in our Wednesday class only. Please contact info@songanddanceireland.com.

May 2022