Covid 19

The following protocols are in place from November 22nd, 2021.

Protocols for Parents and Students

Coming to class:

Please obey all current government guidelines and do not come to class if you should be staying at home.


  • Please arrive no more than 5mins early to ensure there is minimal interaction between groups of people at the gates.
  • Children will be signed in at the front gate, where supervised hand sanitisation will take place.
  • If possible, close friends/family members should arrive at the gate AT THE SAME TIME, so we can assign class spots adjacent to each other.
  • Please walk or cycle to Song and Dance if possible, to avoid traffic congestion. Do not park on College Street.
  • If you are travelling by car, the set-down area is for PEDESTRIANS ONLY, so please park on Dublin Street and walk to the gates.
  • Children should arrive properly dressed for class, i.e. wearing correct shoes, etc.
  • Water bottles should be clearly labelled with your child’s name, and must be brought home. No food is allowed (except in cases of medical necessity).

During Class:

  • The floor of studios has been painted to mark out the physical distancing pods of 6. Each child will be given a designated place on the floor, which is the space they will work in for that class.
  • As much as is possible for their age group, all children will be regularly reminded to:
    • Make sure their hands are clean
    • Cough and sneeze into their elbow/a tissue
    • Keep their physical distance by staying on their space
  • Song and Dance team members will wear masks, and minimise close interaction with children unless absolutely necessary.
  • Toilet facilities will be available (for class participants only) – but parents should ensure their children go before they arrive at Song and Dance.

After class:

  • As much as is possible for their age group, we’ll phase the exit of each group so that an orderly and socially-distanced queue is formed.
  • Parents are asked to wait in the set-down area (i.e. not in the road) at collection time. Please be on time, observe social distancing, and wear a face covering.
  • Children will sanitise their hands as they leave the premises.

Other things to note:

  • For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, only STAFF AND STUDENTS will be allowed to enter the premises. Parents/guardians and other family members are not allowed inside for any reason.
  • In line with current recommendations from the Irish Government, the Department of Education, and Sport Ireland, Song and Dance will adhere to the following guidelines regarding the use of face coverings in our indoor studios (this guidance will be reviewed as restrictions are eased over the coming months):
    • Song and Dance team: Face coverings are required.
    • Age 3 years – 2nd class children: In line with HPSC/Sport Ireland recommendations, face coverings are not required, however anyone who wishes to wear a face covering may do so.
    • 3rd class – 6th class children: In line with HPSC/Sport Ireland recommendations, face coverings are not required, but we encourage their use where possible.

      NOTE: Parents should be aware that 11 and 12 year olds may be in a pod with post-primary school students.

    • Post-primary school children: Face coverings are required (except in cases of exemption laid out by the Department of Education here)

  • Families must complete the form at the bottom of the page once a week. Parents will be sent a reminder text when a new form is due. Song and Dance reserves the right to refuse attendance to any families who have not completed the form, or for certain other reasons.

  • Our appointed Covid-19 officer is Jimmy.

  • If a child becomes unwell during a session, we will immediately isolate them and call their parent/guardian to take them home. If your child has a chronic health condition where symptoms mimic the symptoms of Covid-19 (e.g. asthma), please make sure we are informed about this by logging in to your user account here. If your child has any new/additional symptoms, please do not attend.

  • You can read our Covid Response Plan here.

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