Terms and Conditions

All of the terms and conditions listed below apply to all of our activities, be they regular term classes, out-of-school visits, workshops, summer camps, performances, etc.

  1. Children must have reached their 3rd birthday before starting classes. All children must be fully toilet trained.
  2. Children must be dropped off and collected promptly. Children are generally not allowed to leave the studio unaccompanied, unless we have received prior instruction from a parent/guardian.
  3. Fees are payable by term, and are due by the first day of each term (payment via our website). Parents will receive notification of fee amounts two weeks before payments are due.
  4. Classes are generally graded by age, but pupils may be moved to the next age group at the directors’ discretion.
  5. All students are required to wear the Song and Dance t-shirt to every class. This will be accompanied by black leggings or tracksuit bottoms, and runners or dance runners or tap-shoes, as appropriate.
  6. Extra costs such as flights/hotels to attend competitions and festivals must be paid promptly so that advance planning and bookings can be made.
  7. Each group requires a large commitment from its participants to enable the shows to be produced and performed within the tight schedules each year. Coming up to a show, extra rehearsals will typically be required.
  8. Our school operates under Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children. The Guidelines are available to read at The TUSLA Child Protection Website www.tusla.ie
  9. Our Child Safeguarding Statement, and our Privacy Policy Document relating to your information and the GDPR Regulations, are both available at our website.
  10. Song and Dance operates a strict Anti-Bullying Policy. Bullying of teachers, students or Song and Dance staff members will result in a child or parent being asked to leave the school. The decision on such issues is final and is at the discretion of the directors.
  11. Song and Dance must be made aware at the time of registration of any relevant medical conditions, special needs or allergies a child or young person may have. Please ensure that this is done before they attend class. Our staff need to be aware of any issues relating to use of epipens, inhalers or any diabetic requirements.
  12. Bookings are non-refundable.
  13. Fees paid for any classes missed by a student for any reason are forfeited – credit cannot be carried forward.
  14. Only participants in the class are allowed in the studio. No onlookers are permitted.
  15. Song and Dance Stage School owns all of the rights, title and interest in and to its website, all text, photos, timetables and media and its Logos.
  16. Students participate in class at their own risk, and are responsible for their own belongings.
  17. In the course of the activities provided by Song and Dance photographs and video may be taken by the course teachers and in the case of class performances by other parents, which may include footage of your child. These may be used on our website or social media or displayed in the studios from time to time for marketing purposes. Please ensure you let the school know in writing if you do not consent to the use of images as described above. This is dealt with in both the online booking form and in-person consent form.