Code of Behaviour

AKA - 'Rules of Song&Dance'

  1. All students are expected to act in a polite and courteous manner, with the older students setting a good example for the younger ones.
  2. All students are expected to attend weekly classes on a regular basis.
  3. Everyone must arrive 10 minutes before their class is due to start. This is to ensure everyone gets their full class.
  4. Students being collected must be collected within 10 minutes of the end of their class.
  5. Everyone must stay within the designated areas. Permission must be sought to leave the studio.
  6. No running at any time.
  7. Everyone must wear the Song and Dance uniform at all times. Jewellery is not allowed.
  8. Children may bring a drink of water or juice. No other drinks or food are allowed (except in camp/full-day circumstances). All rubbish must be taken home.
  9. No chewing gum is allowed anywhere on the premises.
  10. All students are expected to behave in accordance with Song and Dance Stage School’s strict Anti-Bullying Policy.
  11. During out-of-school trips, students will act in a courteous manner to everyone they encounter and obey instructions of Song and Dance staff. Students will travel in pairs or groups, never alone.
  12. Students acting in an inappropriate manner or whose conduct could cause hurt or injury to others may not be admitted to class, or may be asked to leave.