Showtime Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with Song and Dance’s policies for Child Protection, Accidents/Incidents, Personal Data Protection and the Code of Behaviour for Students.


The following additional policies apply during performances, which may occur at Song and Dance Studios or at an external venue.


Dressing Rooms


  • There will be a minimum of two supervisors/volunteers per dressing room.
  • Students must remain in their dressing room until called to the stage.
  • Students are expected to act in accordance with the Code of Behaviour for students, and to treat their dressing room and its occupants with respect.




  • Volunteers will be recruited from our community of parents
  • Volunteers must sign-in with a member of our staff upon arrival
  • Volunteers’ primary function is the supervision of the children in their dressing room, and the assistance with costume changes
  • Volunteers are expected to adhere to the instructions of Song and Dance Staff


Costume/Quick Changes


  • The majority of costume changes will take place in a dressing room.
  • A Quick Change area will be set-up in the minority of cases where it is not possible to return to the dressing room to change.
  • No costume change is to take place in ANY other location
  • Song and Dance recognises that while physical contact by a member of staff/volunteer may be helpful/necessary in the case of a quick costume change, it should always be with the child’s permission.


Microphones and Mic Changes

  • Some students may be required to wear a microphone. These microphones are assigned at the discretion of management.
  • As far as is possible, students will fit their own mic belt (except in some cases, e.g. very young children)
  • Only Song and Dance staff may touch the actual microphone, and they will fit it on the student.
  • Once it is fitted, no student is permitted to interfere with their microphone.
  • Only Song and Dance staff may remove the mic.


Backstage Access


  • Children are not permitted to enter the backstage area unaccompanied in any circumstances.
  • Song and Dance staff are the only adults permitted access to the backstage area.
  • Volunteers will accompany children to the backstage door, and wait at the door to accompany them back to their dressing room.




  • All fees, including for extra rehearsals and costume, must be paid in advance of a performance in order for a child to participate.




  • For archival purposes, Song and Dance will have an official video made of each performance.
  • Any parent who does not wish their child to appear in this recording must inform Song and Dance in advance.
  • Song and Dance Stage School’s policy is not to allow any other unofficial recordings.